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BIG NEWS!!! Introducing The Belle Sounds! 

André and I have a new project called The Belle Sounds. The self-titled record, produced by Neilson Hubbard in East Nashville was released on April 30, 2013. We will be concentrating on this project and playing shows with the new band, so make sure to go to the websites below if you want to keep in touch with us.

We will also continue to perform under my name, Noëlle Hampton, as well! Check the calendar! AND, we plan on releasing an EP of unreleased Noëlle Hampton songs soon, produced by Mark Hallman.

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 "Fat, gorgeous melodies; lyrics you can read
like poetry, or that sound like whispered confidences.
Understated,elegant arrangements & playing. Lovely
vocals from Noëlle Hampton. A near-perfect package
of words and music, soul and inspiration."

- Ben Fong-Torres (former editor/Rolling Stone)